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Business Owner/Entrepreneur

B&C Hospitality, LLC dba Orchard Lane Events


Claudia Williams has been a business owner and entrepreneur since 1999.  She is a Realtor, Mobile Notary Signing Agent and now owner/operator of Orchard Lane Events.  She has been a financial advisor and janitorial company owner of Jani-Trol.  She was able to grow Jani-Trol, Inc. as a (MBE/WBE) Minority Business Enterprise/Women Business Enterprise, SBA 8a-certified company in southern California creating over 30 jobs in her area.  After moving to Ohio, Claudia’s entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to learn new industry skills in the hospitality field as an AGM and General Manager of several hotels.  In learning to manage a hotel with over 250 guest rooms, restaurant and banquet facilities, she fostered her love of hospitality and recently purchased a property that encompasses all the skills that she has acquired throughout the years.

As owner/operator of Orchard Lane Events, she is renovating a two-story event center, barn with rustic event venue, café/country store, bed and breakfast and eventually a farm-to-table restaurant on a 52-acre farm.  She plans to host many weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthday, quinciañeras, sweet sixteens, school reunions, corporate events and weekly, seasonal farmer’s market, promoting community and creating jobs in Xenia, Ohio.

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Business Owner/Entrepreneur

B&C Hospitality, LLC dba Orchard Lane Events


Bryan Williams has a 25-year history in serving his country in the defense sector.  Bryan served in the United States Marine Corps for six and a half years as an Intelligence Analyst and was honorably discharged as a Sargent in 2001.  Shortly after 9/11, Bryan was recalled back into service for Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.  After leaving active duty the second time, Bryan began a career as a defense contractor as a Security Analyst in the Los Angeles, California.


His career moved him and his family to Ohio where he and his wife have called home since 2013.  Bryan graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Security Management from American Military University.  He also received a Certification in Hotel Revenue Management from Cornell University.


Bryan will put his financial background to use as CFO of B&C Hospitality.


(909) 733-9429

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     Before and after we purchased the property, Claudia and I met a lot of great people that shared cherished memories of the old orchard farm.  The first of those memories were shared by members of the Lane family that worked and grew up on the farm when it was founded in the 1930s.  We also met individuals that worked and played in the orchards and from those who took school field trips to see how a farm worked.  Our motivation and passion for revitalizing this farm comes from the expressions of joy when someone shares their fondest memories or getting those same reactions when we share our plans of revitalization.  The love people have for this farm is why we are taking on the daunting task of saving it!  This area has a rich history rooted in hardship from the depression era of the early 1900’s until now when many small businesses and homes are reeling from the pandemic.  Our passion goes beyond revitalization, it is the desire to also preserve the farmhouse built in 1900 to the agricultural barn that was built in 1947 from locally milled lumber.  There are too few of these places left where children and adults alike can explore, learn, and just take in the natural beauty of the countryside.

     In summary, our mission is to enjoy and share the nature and beauty of the property and create events for customers, neighbors and the community that will foster the fondest memories and expressions of joy when they experience Orchard Lane Events.     


     The Orchard Lane Farm consists of 52-acres that sits atop the highest point in Greene County, Ohio that has stunning, panoramic views, given its elevation.  The property includes an existing (original) farmhouse, a three-story lean-to, Bank Barn, and an event center (which has been several restaurants over the years, but well known as the “Apple Tree Restaurant”). Our dream is to turn the property back into a working orchard farm, a place in which the community and public in general, can once again work, learn, and enjoy the beauty the property provides. Job creation is important because it boosts the local economy, community, and the entrepreneurial spirit.  These ideals will come from several initiatives.  The first initiative comes from hosting events on the property such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, conferences, and fundraisers just to name a few.  The second initiative will come when the orchards and gardens are replanted. Local farmers looking to start their farm business or expand existing ones will have an opportunity to do so and hire farmhands to work the land.  The old orchards have been neglected for 18 years and are overrun with honeysuckle.  Small local landscaping companies will be used in clearing the land of honeysuckle and non-producing fruit trees.  The third initiative is to turn the event center back into a restaurant by leasing it to a restauranteur that is looking to expand or open a new restaurant.  The last initiative will come from our Market Night where we will have food trucks, live bands, local farmers and artisans come and sell their goods and services outside of the traditional brick and mortar shops.

     Education is another reason why we are passionate about revitalizing this farm.  We hope to work in collaboration with the agricultural and hospitality programs of colleges and universities, the Greene County Career Center and surrounding school districts by providing or hosting learning opportunities, outdoor classrooms and labs.  Creating internship opportunities for students in the catering, cosmetology (i.e. bride’s makeup, nails, and hair), banquet setup designers, mixologists, baristas, waiters/waitresses, and event planners/coordinators.


     The orchards will be replanted with a variety of apple, peach, and cherry trees, as well as other fruits and vegetables that will grow here.  Our goal is to re-create a family-friendly atmosphere where families can make long lasting memories by harvesting fruits and vegetables in a “U-pick” manner or taking long strolls or hayrides through the orchards, having picnics, and enjoying the beautiful panoramic views and amazing sunsets from the highest point in the county.

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